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About Our Services

We are Dennis & Connie Granger, owners of Optical Memories. We have provided photography services for over 18 years capturing great memories of our clients most beautiful and amazing dream weddings and other special events.

We help memories last forever as events come back to life when you see your special event over and over again now and for many years to come.

Optical Memories offers these services:

  • Graduation Ceremony & Receptions Photography service
  • Class Reunions Photography
  • Video & Photo Montages with music
  • VHS to DVD transfers
  • VHS-C to DVD Transfers
  • DVC to DVD Transfers
  • Hi-8/8mm Cassette Transfers 
  • Video Editing Services
  • Wedding/Anniversary Photography services
  • Custom designed DVD case labeling
  • Custom designed DVD labeling (Printed directly on DVD)    

                                     "Sampled Here"
Creasy Family Racing DVD 
  • Custom designed DVD Labeling, printed directly on the DVD.

  • Professional high quality - Photo Finish - Smudge Guard DVD's is what we burn your final production on.


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